Come See Me Dance

I unwittingly became a member of an Irish step dance practice/performance group! A friend named Rebecca McGowan kindly invited me to join Rising Step Dance, and here I am using my brain and muscles in ways I haven’t used them for decades, gearing up for a performance approaching soon!

NACHMO (NAtional CHoreography MOnth)
Boston Friday Dance Event
Friday, February 8, 2019, 8:00 PM—10:00 PM
The Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

All Ages | Facebook Event Page | Buy Tickets

(Also brewing: a Jaggery show in March! Details in Upcoming Shows)

Next Show: February 9th 2018

It has been a while! Petaluma Vale & the Ghost-Lights, with Alison Blake on harp and Valerie Thompson on cello, will once again perform since Petaluma’s surgery last spring. We are very excited to be able to sing and play for you again, on Petaluma’s birthday weekend, no less! Come and get cozy at the intimate neighborhood art venue Gallery 263. The celebration won’t be the same without you.

Gallery 263
263 Pearl Street, Cambridge MA
Friday, February 9th, 2018
Doors 8pm
, Performance 8:30pm
Suggested donation: $10All ages
Facebook event page

Gallery 263 is at the intersection of Pearl Street and Putnam Avenue in the Cambridgeport neighborhood of Cambridge. Within walking distance of the Central Square stop on the Red Line. Non-resident parking available but limited.

Summer Embers, Fall Flights

dear golden hour strollers and porch swing sighers,

with wist i write you looking ahead to the end of summer. but still there are things for me to look forward to, such as a jaggery appearance as well as a show of my music played with the help of friends at the end of september! 

i was honored to be asked to be a part of the Good Art Series taking place at St. Susanna's parish in dedham, curated by brian dwyer. i get a whopping two sets (!), so i will be pulling out all the stops (and perhaps putting on my Irish dancing shoes) in the great company of (at least) three fabulous musicians: alison blake on harp, valerie thompson on cello and backing vocals, and tony leva (my jaggery bandmate) on guitar and upright bass. there will be old songs, new songs, fan favorites, and nigh-forgotten gems. oh yeah, and admission is FREE and open to all ages!

so come and keep the happy summer feelings alive as fall sweeps in! i hope to see you there!

crickets and clement nights,


jaggery at Hindie Rock Fest 2015
a night of rock and postcolonial soul
saturday, september 19th, 2015, 5pm - 10pm
cambridge ymca theater • 820 mass ave • 02139
cambridge, ma
tickets $15 • all ages
ravi shavi • the shadow notes • awaaz do • jaggery • SkiM • the kominas • evilartform
fb event page


petaluma vale & friends at the Good Art Series
curated by brian dwyer
saturday, september 26th, 2015, 8pm - 10pm
st. susanna's parish • 262 needham street • 02026
dedham, ma
admission: FREE • all ages
petaluma vale (singing, songwriting, maybe irish dancing?!)
alison blake (harp)
valerie thompson (cello and backing vocals)
tony leva (guitar and upright bass)
fb event page

Flights of Song, Gigs of Fancy

dear robins, sparrows, and chickadees,

i write with news of noteworthy shows! as feathered things and forsythias get the spring party started, i am ready to join the excitement and  burst open with new songs and collaborations.  may will be bookended with performances that i am thrilled to share  with the finally-thawed world!

MFAthe first show, which approaches soon (this friday!), is with jaggery at none other than the Museum of Fine Arts in boston.  by far our fanciest, biggest-deal gig yet (we got photographed by the Boston Globe last night at rehearsal!), we have all been buzzing away in the hive these past few months to ready a performance for you inspired by the life and works of iconic renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. our concert coincides with a temporary exhibit of some of Leonardo's works rarely seen this side of the ocean, and is not to be missed! and though we are always happy to play and collaborate on songs written mostly by singer Mali Sastri, for the first time ever, each of the band members has gotten a chance to write a song  inspired by da Vinci for jaggery to play.  i myself have written a song inspired by Leonardo's codex on the flight of birds, and i am super excited to debut it, especially with how amazing my bandmates make it sound!!! 

the other noteworthy nugget is in regard to my own music. i am positively jubilant to announce a performance of my own songs after a long stretch of not being able to do so due to continued trouble with pain in my hands and arms.  i have been working with local composer and synesthete Mary Bichner, who is transcribing my harp parts so that Alison Blake can now play them for me! thanks to all these wonderful helping hands, i can finally perform my own songs again! Alison and i, along with ever faithful and fabulous cellist Valerie Thompson, will perform the last friday in may (which is NOT during memorial day weekend!).  read on for details!

with chirps in my heart,


Jaggery Presents 
The Beautiful & the Grotesque:
Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci
friday, may 1st, 2015, 7:30pm
Museum of Fine Arts •  remis auditorium • 465  huntington avenue •  02115
boston, ma
rabbit rabbit
tickets • $20 MFA members • $25 non-members
MFA event page • facebook event page 


A Musical Feast
friday, may 29th, 2015, 7:30pm
friends meeting house • 5 longfellow park • 02138 • near harvard square
cambridge, ma
fendrick & peck 
petaluma vale with alison blake (harp) and valerie thompson (cello)
halima & abraham
malika elena salazar 
suggested donation $10-15 at the door


post script
my album is still available here
my poetry is still available here (i'm in Volumes 1 and 4)

thanks for reading and listening!

Long Way Out Wednesday 12: Gooseberry Girl

Gooseberry Girl The final free track is “Gooseberry Girl,” where the album and the story of The Long Way Out begins. Although it isn’t the oldest song of the dozen, it is the first song that I ever wrote on the harp. (My songwriting beginnings were on the guitar.) The title came to me after learning from a Scottish friend of mine that in the UK, the term “to play the gooseberry” is the equivalent of the American phrase to be a “third wheel.” Despite its sweetness, it’s a bit of a sad song, although it ends with a hint of hope for companionship in the future.

Thank you for listening to my music. I appreciate your open ears, and I hope you’ve gotten a chance to enjoy The Long Way Out.