Long Way Out Wednesday 7: Song of Rapunzel

Song of RapunzelThe free track for this week is “Song of Rapunzel.” After having been called Rapunzel within the past week, and having a friend happen to get this song in her head today, I figured it was a sign that this song should be the track for this Long Way Out Wednesday.

This song, as may be obvious from the title, is from the point of view of the long-haired fairytale heroine Rapunzel. It comes from a place of feeling stuck in life, as if imprisoned in a tower. However, in the end, Rapunzel must admit to herself that her victim mentality (iron-barred glasses) will get her nowhere, and that she is the only one who can get herself out of her situation.

Enjoy the emotional ride that is “Song of Rapunzel,” and download it for free while you can!