Long Way Out Wednesday 11: Sing Along

Sing Along
The penultimate free track of the series is “Sing Along.” Probably the oldest song on The Long Way Out, this track nearly didn’t make it onto the album. However, thanks to an amazing last-minute effort by the audio engineer, Ariel Bernstein, as well as several friends who brought more friends, a sing-along party came together and this track happened! With the rest of the album almost wrapped, Ariel let us descend upon his own home, fed us all, and recorded this track live in four takes. We even made s’mores over an open flame (bunsen burner!) to capture that authentic campfire experience. It was a reminder to me of how much I needed the help of other people to make this album, and how impossible it would have been if it were truly a solo project. I was incredibly grateful to Ariel for hosting such a gathering, and to each person who came to contribute his or her voice to the song.

Sing Along” is free for the next seven days. Here’s your chance for your inner Girl Scout to get her kumbayayas out—take it! Hang your coolness on the coat rack and pick it up again on your way out.