Lampworking is like glassblowing, but on a miniature scale. Instead of a huge, hot furnace and a long, heavy metal rod, a single flame is used along with small metal skewers. With lampworking, you can make things such as small figurines and beads. My song “Lampworker,” in fact, is all an extended metaphor for making a glass bead by lampworking.


You’re warming me in the blue flame’s tip
My form is shifting, sliding
I’m gently turned in your deft grip
Your fingers so inviting

You’ve got me melting into glass
I’m wrapping around your skewer
You’ve got me dreaming of Venice
Damn you, now I’m wishing for more

I’m easily swayed by your craftsmanship
No need to stall deciding
Your artisan’s skill has me biting my lip
It’s simply no use hiding

Don’t string me along, lampworker
Don’t string me along
You know that it’s wrong, lampworker
Don’t string me along

To feel so safe is a rarity
Maybe I should be more frightened
I desperately need some clarity
Before my embrace is tightened