Inspired by Irish sean nós (old style) music, this track refers to my grandmother's brother who was the last surviving of 10 siblings, and also the only one to remain in Ireland while the others emigrated to the United States.

The Last Brother

As I sit and stare into your vacant eyes of blue
I see the figure of a man who long ago was you
But the tune’s still playing in your brow
And if only you could remember how
You’d sit and be aware with us right now

Sing, boy
Sing, boy
Sing of the crossroad dances you enjoyed
Sing, boy
Sing, boy
Sing of the laughter and the things destroyed

Now my mother’s mother ties me to a land I hold in awe
A family that was raised upon a land they called Beal Trá
And her lilting voice still comes to me
From her old apartment, 5D
Which I will likely never see again

Now your brothers and your sisters had a different point of view
But still they had the beacon blood in common with you
And I see their haunting pale blue eyes
And I hear the haunting banshee cries
And I fear I ne’er shall be as wise as all of you