“Pet Me” is from the point of view of a cat who longs for kind owners, but still wants to keep a sense of her independence. It’s among the oldest songs on The Long Way Out—in fact, I originally wrote it on the guitar, but later transferred it to the harp. Now, after so many years of playing it on the harp, I don’t remember how to play it on the guitar anymore!

Pet Me

I would like to rub my shoulder up against your thigh
Don’t ask me why
I would like to curl up like a ball upon your pillow
Just like a springtime pussywillow

I’m so sweet and cute and furry
I’m cuter if your vision’s blurry

Don’t you wanna
Take me home and pet me?
Don’t you wanna
Take me home and let me loose?
Aren’t you sad that
You haven’t really met me?
Don’t you wanna...

My previous master thought that keeping me in his closet was nice
Just with my litter box and the mice
I escaped to be made fun of by my fellow strays
I’ll find a kinder keeper one of these days

I refuse to be immured any longer
Those walls were strong, but I am stronger

Don’t attempt to collar me or lock me in or tame me
But could you please rename me
Whatever you do please do not rebuke me
And be careful not to spook me

I’ll slip right out the ‘partment door
If you stuff me in a drawer

Oh, scratchin’ at your door,
Oh, writhin’ on your floor