About The Long Way Out

When coming up with a title for this album, I needed to have one that would have the cohesive force to pull a dozen songs together which had been written over a very long span of time (over a decade). The Long Way Out very naturally sprang up, and it quickly became clear that there really was no better choice; that was what it had to be called. I have always been enamored with language and fun-fancy words, and I had come up with potential album titles in the past that were linguistically quite splendid. Comparatively, The Long Way Out seemed so plain, and simple. But it grew on me. Its simplicity contained a poetic quality of its own.

The Long Way Out refers to the fact that this journey toward completing a shareable collection of my songs has taken me a long time, and my path has been a meandering one. It traces a vague bread crumb trail out of former, more timid selves to moments of building bravery.


CDs and digital downloads now available at Bandcamp. Lyrics for all songs are also available here.