Pendant la Déluge

dear bursters and boasters,

i write you in the midst of a deluge of musical doings, trying not to get knocked over by the sheer volume that continues to flood my life at the moment. let's see if i can catch you up: recording for my solo album is
almost finished as of yesterday; album designs are percolating; and i was blessed by a wonderful sing-along recording party over the weekend wherein several lovely volunteers gathered, ate yummy food including Bunsen burner s'mores, and sang with me live on one of my songs. and! i am honored to be asked to play a piece with beloved collaborator and friend valerie thompson at her graduate recital at the new england conservatory! AND! i have cd release shows for boston and new york booked! keep scrolling!

so that's the solo stuff. then, with jaggery, i attended the premiere of jaggery's latest video, "Paprikah," at the Boston Underground Film Festival (dressed in a turmeric-colored top and paprika-colored jacket). i also recorded harp for and helped with lyrics on a James Bond theme song for an imagined 007 flick entitled
Lear and Let Die (a mash-up involving Shakespeare's King Lear and the martini-drinking superspy). 

PLUS, oh yeah, jaggery is going ON TOUR to the west coast! in fact, it's already underway! at this moment, my harp is somewhere in the vast expanse between chicago and seattle, along with all our other instruments, being driven with care by mali and tony. the rest of jaggery will fly out to seattle and join them as well as our band friends Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys for a trek down the coast and then over to texas. it will be an adventure to be sure.

wish us luck and protection on the road and in the air! and send your friends and family to come say "hi" at our shows!



It's a Van! It's a Plane! It's... Jaggery
with Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
celebrating the release of their album Soft Time Traveler

saturday, april 13th • seattle, wa • 
Royal Room Seattle • details
sunday, april 14th • portland, or • Hollywood Theatre • details • tickets • trailer!
monday, april 15th • san francisco, ca • Cafe Du Norde • details • tickets  
tuesday, april 16th • san diego, ca • Queen Bee • details • tickets
wednesday, april 17th • scottsdale, az • Rogue Bar • details
friday, april 19th • victoria, tx • JAM Fest  • DeLeon Plaza Band Stand • details
saturday, april 20th • austin, tx • Swan Dive • details


i am honored to play a piece in
Valerie Thompson's Graduate Recital

friday, may 3rd, 2013, 8:30pm
brown hall • new england conservatory • 290 huntington avenue • 02115
boston, ma
the culmination of Valerie's two years of study at 
NEC's Contemporary Improvisation program.
methinks (no, meknows) it will be awesome.


save the date!
Diane Cluck and Petaluma Vale

friday, june 7th, 2013, 7-10pm
the lily pad • 1353 cambridge street • inman square • 02139
cambridge, ma
diane cluck (voice, guitar) with isabel castellvi (cello)
petaluma vale (voice, harp) with valerie thompson (cello)
if the gods conspire with me, i will release my album at this show!


save the date!
Petaluma Vale CD Release and Goli

saturday, june 22nd, 2013, 8:30-11pm

caffè vivaldi • 32 jones street • greenwich village • 10014
new york, ny
8:30 • petaluma vale with valerie thompson (voice, harp, cello)
9:30 • goli (voice, cello, marimba, melodica, clarinet)


Jaggery's latest music video!
directed by Noah Blumenson-Cook
inspired by the Hindu Holi Festival of Colors
daniel & petaluma choreography by yours truly
enjoy the spice of life!