Forth and Back

dear movers, shakers, and coffee-break takers,

i greet you for the first time as a Cantabrigian (yesterday i got my cambridge resident parking sticker; it's official)! this past weekend, with a lot of help from a few very generous friends on both ends of the journey, i packed up my belongings on a muggy new jersey morning, drove a 16-foot truck 200 miles, and unloaded everything on a dark and pouring night into my new home.  i'm so grateful to know such good souls who were willing to help me achieve this feat. and now i sit in my new room, which i painted a lovely, rich 
Naples Blue (again, with the help of dear friends), and write to you about my next musical appearance with jaggery, which will actually be back down in NYC! 

if you missed me before i went north, perhaps you can come say hi next thursday! jaggery's drummer, daniel, got to check the venue out in person and was very pleased with what he found, reporting that the room is "gorgeous," comfortable, has two levels of table seating, and nice restrooms (always appreciated!). we are very excited to play at ars nova and share a bill with heather christian, and would love to see you there!

back and forth but mostly forth,


Jaggery at Ars Nova's 54/10 Music Marathon
which aims to showcase "off-kilter and dynamic bands on the brink"

thursday, august 9th, 2012
ars nova • 511 west 54th street (at 10th avenue) • manhattan
tickets: $5 before august 1st, $10 online, $15 at the door
7:30 doors
Sam McTavey
Heather Christian & the Arbornauts
ages: all