Spring Seeping In

dear blues, greens, and in-betweens,

much like the end of winter makes rivulets into rivers, creative endeavors are gaining momentum in the valley here. so much going on! at the moment i'm resting after an exhilarating videoshoot with Jaggery for our song "Hostage Heart," for which I served tea in a madman's mansion, scaled snowy walls in a cloak, and played with my bandmates by the light of what seemed like a thousand candles. i can't wait to see the finished product!

more recording by talented and patient audio engineer Ariel Bernstein has also been going on for my album--more vocals, soul-stirring cello parts by Valerie Thompson, a drum part that makes me go "whee!" by Raky Sastri, and there's still more to come! i've been researching possible locations for an album art photoshoot, looking into booking (hey! i didn't even intend to rhyme there; seriously) a show in the nyc/nj area in late june (any suggestions, send them my way!)... so much to be done to make this thing happen!

plus! a gig approaching in about a fortnight! i have a poem about blessings falling like scarves out of unshuttered windows and gleaming across your shoulders... this show felt a little like that. it came from molly zenobia, a kind soul and powerful songstress living in my neighborhood. details below, as always. perhaps i'll see you there!

with thawing thoughts of the 
fuchsia of ireland,

p.s. happy st. patrick's day to those who celebrate... i do not endorse green dye, but i do support chlorophyll. 


Molly Zenobia and Petaluma Vale

friday, march 29th, 2013, 8pm

out of the blue gallery • 106 prospect street • central square • 02139
cambridge, ma
8pm: doors and mingling
8:30ish: petaluma vale (voice, harp)
9:30ish: molly zenobia (voice, piano, strings)
suggested $10 (or what you can) donation


i am honored to play a piece in
Valerie Thompson's Master's Recital

friday, may 3rd, 2013, 8:30pm

brown hall • new england conservatory • 290 huntington avenue • 02115
boston, ma
the culmination of Valerie's two years of study at 
NEC's Contemporary Improvisation program.
methinks (no, meknows) it will be awesome.


save the date!
Diane Cluck and Petaluma Vale

friday, june 7th, 2013, 7-10pm

the lily pad • 1353 cambridge street • inman square • 02139
cambridge, ma
diane cluck (voice, guitar) with isabel castellvi (cello)
petaluma vale (voice, harp) with valerie thompson (cello)
if the gods conspire with me, i will release my album at this show!