Mid-Week Marvelous

dear hunters & peckers,

i type to you with two fingers, as i have had some recent trouble with nerve pain in my hands and forearms. touch typing and harp playing are mostly off the table for now. worry not, though, because occupational therapy will be starting soon, which should make it all better in good time. luckily, this impairment doesn't keep me from singing, nor from sharing previously recorded music and videos (see Jaggery's latest video release below).

i am delighted to contribute my voice to a new group led by a great couple who also happen to be my landlords. the band is called Sama Sangha, and we've got a gig opening for an act which includes two members of The Band (as in, THE Band of "take a load off, Fanny" fame) as well as a bassist who played with Dizzy Gillespie. talk about an honor!

in addition, i am also unveiling... (drumroll please, or harp glissando if you prefer):
Long Way Out Wednesdays 
every wednesday for the next 12 weeks i will be making one track from
The Long Way Out FREE (!) for download at my bandcamp site. i will not be sending weekly emails, but i will be announcing the free tracks more frequently on facebook and twitter, so like and/or follow me there to keep in the loop! have a friend who loves cats? let them know when "Pet Me" is free! know someone who is struggling with coming out? tell them when "Happy" costs nothing but a few mouse clicks. share "Ursa Minor" with someone who is feeling lost. you get the idea. 

i hope your summer is rolling along splendidly--like a bolt of velvet!

peace, love, and ibuprofen,


Long Way Out Wednesdays
each Woden's Day one track will be made FREE for seven days at
stay informed via facebooktwitter, or by checking the website itself!
share the news with friends and spread the love!


i will be singing with
Sama Sangha
wednesday, september 4, 2013, 8pm
middle east upstairs • 472-480 mass ave (at brookline street) • 02139
cambridge, ma
Sama Sangha
Abraham Sussman (songwriting, vocals, guitar, keyboard), Halima Sussman (vocals), Mitchell Kossak (keyboard, vocals), Curtis Jones (percussion, vocals), Gabriel Denton (violin, flute, vocals), Daniel Sussman (bass), Erin Sussman (vocals), Petaluma Vale (vocals)
Scott Murawski & Friends
Scott Murawski (Max Creek, Mike Gordon Band), Jim Weider (guitar • The Band), Randy Ciarlante (drums, vocals • The Band), John Lockwood (bass • Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny), Bob Moses (drums • Pat Metheny), Phil Grenadier (trumpet • John Scofield), Tony Betancourt (guitar • Cuban Jazz Project)
admission • $10 • ticket link
ages • 18+


Jaggery's latest video
"Hostage Heart"
from the EP Private Violence
directed by Michael McQuilken / Q Motion Pictures
compelling and gorgeously filmed if i may say so. it was an honor and an adventure to be a part of this video. shot in a gratefully borrowed cambridge mansion as well as in snowy massachusetts woods. we are thrilled to share this with you.


i would also like to take a moment to thank the 
Peabody Essex Museum
in salem, ma
they were extremely kind and receptive to having me take photos there for my album art, and PEM is just a wonderful museum to visit in general. i highly recommend it, especially since the beautiful staircase on the cover of The Long Way Out will be taken down in October! go soon and make a lovely day trip of it!