Repent, Rejoice, Recycle!

dear lighters of light and turners of time,

rumor has it the end is nigh... as in, the end of this week (according to possibly specious mayan calendar predictions). what will you be doing? if, perhaps, you have nothing special planned, and you live in the boston area, you are welcome to join me and a motley legion of performers this thursday night (details below)! 

if not, i've got other less location- and time- sensitive news to share about recent jaggery doings. a long-awaited ep release (and it is a true work of art if i may say so myself), a new video, an article in a literary magazine, and a photoshoot.

as for me, i've been busy with adorable toddlers and not-so-adorable paperwork (i.e., my job), and holyday preparations, including making a whirling dervish tree topper for my household's christmas tree, and practicing jaggery's holiday numbers for the coming apocalypse. i must say, i am darn proud of myself for now being able to play my favorite part of The Nutcracker, the 
Arabian Dance (oh! the lever changes!), as well as the Coventry Carol, which was recorded piecemeal and never anticipated to be played live... UNTIL NOW. i guess it's now or never--end of the world and all. we'll see what happens in front of an audience. they sound fine in my room. 

hoping for many more nicks of time (because lord knows i'm not done yet!),



Org: Last Day on Earth
thursday, december 20th, 2012, 9pm-12am
oberon • 2 arrow street • cambridge, ma
tickets: in advance - $20 seats, $15 standing; day of - $25 seats, $20 standing
ages: all (under 18 must be accompanied by parent/guardian)
facebook invitation (with performers listed)


Jaggery: Private Violence EP
a stunning set of five songs inspired by Truman Capote's true crime novel,
In Cold Blood
listen for free, download for any price you name, compact disc $7


Jaggery: "End Song" video
the last track of
Private Violence
video directed by Jasmine Inglesmith/Milk Zombie Productions
we shot this on a cold night in Maine, with lots of dry ice and a fog machine.
even my grandma likes it. :)


Article in talking writing: "Channeling Capote's In Cold Blood"
A Songwriter Embraces Her Private Violence - by Mali Sastri, lead singer of Jaggery
for those who are curious about the inspiration for Jaggery's latest EP, Mali explains how it all came about. 


Jaggery Photoshoot!
photos taken by Matt Samolis in the Basement of Bloc 11 Cafe in Somerville, MA, which used to be a bank many moons ago. (we found the safety deposit boxes, as you can see.)