A Lullaby for Long Nights

dear sleepyheads and wired ones,

a little tiny message for you during these special days... we have gotten through the longest night of the year. celebrations of light sure do help during these short days, as well as gathering with family and friends. i've lent my harp and voice to a 16th century carol reinterpreted by jaggery (that's me singing melody on the "herod the king" verse, and harmony on the last verse). we are very pleased with how the elements came together for this song. i think you will enjoy it. perfect for a listen on christmas eve when the rest of the house is sleeping, perhaps with stars visible through a frosty window...

halcyon holydays to you all
(in chronological order this year:)
happy chanukah
blessed yule
happy solstice
fabulous festivus
merry christmas
happy kwanzaa
and a healthy, happy new year!

with holly and ivy,


coventry carol by jaggery
listen for free, download for free or pay what you wish
(the image is a picture of the inside of my harp)

and last year's holyday single is still just as exquisite:
arabian dance (from The Nutcracker) by jaggery
listen for free, download for free or pay what you wish

Sagittarial Stargazing

dear red giants and white dwarfs,
i write you with very exciting news. for the first time, my poetry has been published! it has been published in the debut issue of a literary journal called Constellations. it is based in the boston/cambridge area, and i know that a lot of work and care has gone into the pages of this new creation. i am honored to be included in an asterism of such fine writers and artists. read on for details on how to order your very own copy!
i also write to you after a recent trip to boston, where i worked on a special holyday song recording with Jaggery, and rehearsed a motley mix of songs specifically from the year 1988. if you've ever wanted to hear songs by def leppard, paula abdul, or rob base through a Jaggery filter, well... have we got the show for you! it should be totally tubular.
wishing you a stellar december,


Constellations: A Journal of Poetry and Fiction
Volume I, Fall 2011 • featuring poems by yours truly
Where to purchase:
(The folks at
Constellations will recoup their costs more quickly from CreateSpace orders)


Mixtape 1988
saturday, december 10th, 2011, 9pm
radio • 379-381 somerville avenue • 02143
somerville, ma
Pour Somerville Sugar on Me
Bright Lights, Big Rod
cover: $5
ages: 21+


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