Poetry & Madness

dear sanefolk and madfolk,

i am exhausted but happy adjusting to my new job, and happier still to bring you news of two upcoming appearances. i'll admit, i'm a bit wistful to see open window season end so soon, but as the autumnal equinox approaches, i must remember the balancing act: in the cold we appreciate warmth, in the dark we appreciate light, &cetera, &cetera. and i've got my scarves at the ready!

yin, yang, and hot apple cider,


thursday, september 22nd, 2011, 7pm
poetry night at the cresskill public library:
Fred Stern, author of Corridors of Light
Marianne Poloskey, the "unofficial poet laureate of Englewood"
Petaluma Vale
Shirl McPhillips, poet laureate for Choice Literacy
will be the featured poets of the evening.
the night will conclude with an open mic segment.
come and listen, or share your own work as well!
cresskill public library • 53 union avenue • 07626
cresskill, nj


i'll be playing with Jaggery for another special multimedia event:
org: asylum
Insanity & Sanctuary: a padded room for pawing at the corners of your madness
friday, september 30th, 2011, 8pm
Club Oberon • 2 arrow street (at mass ave.)
cambridge, ma
tickets: $15 standing room • $20 table seat
Although the word "asylum" refers to any haven for those who seek protection, its association with insane asylums of the past is sharply carved into our cultural consciousness. Org: Asylum aims to create a safe space to explore the spectrum of mindstate, and to wander near and beyond the blurry line between mental health and mental illness. One in a series curated by Mali Sastri of Jaggery, the evening will feature:
Michael Pope
Karin Webb
Ginger Ibex
Burcu Gulec
Karen Montanaro
Sarah Marie Josselyn
Jennifer Hicks
Bryan Papciak
MC'ed by:
Hello Dust
and will "almost definitely" include
an appearance by special guest
Amanda Palmer