The Long Way Out

dear pilgrims and vagrants,

as it is often said, life is a journey--and i will add, it is sometimes a journey of many journeys, some simultaneous, some staggered, some short and some long. i have been wanting to record an album of my own songs that i feel proud of for at least ten years, but really much longer than that. after many detours and much wandering (though, as it has also been said, all who wander are not lost), i have finally done just that.

in fact, MY CDs ARE HERE. in four boxes next to me. they arrived today. i'm excited and nervous and elated to share them with you all and begin my next journey: adjusting to the reality in which my creative creatures are unleashed and free to roam wild in the world. yikes! 

i have two special cd release shows booked to celebrate with you in person. in boston i am especially excited and honored to once again open for my favorite singer-songwriter, diane cluck, whose exquisite voice and bare-honest songs arrested me from the first. i am also excited to share a bill with goli and play in the cozy and magical Caffè Vivaldi for the people who have known me longest in new york and new jersey.

it would mean the world to me if you came to see me at either of these shows. i hope to see some familiar faces and share my songs with you!

slowly but surely,

p.s. correction: the subject of the previous ValeMail™ was "pendant la déluge," however, "déluge" is a masculine noun in french, so it should have been "pendant le déluge." I AM ASHAMED. please excuse my oversight.


Diane Cluck and Petaluma Vale

friday, june 7th, 2013, 7pm
the lily pad • 1353 cambridge street • inman square • 02139
cambridge, ma
diane cluck (voice, guitar) with isabel castellvi (cello)
petaluma vale (voice, harp) with valerie thompson (cello)
cover $10 • all ages
i will release my album at this show! it's really going to happen!
plus special guests mary bichner, sarah rabdau, tony leva, and possibly more!


Petaluma Vale CD Release and Goli

saturday, june 22nd, 2013, 8:30-11pm

caffè vivaldi • 32 jones street • greenwich village • 10014
new york, ny
8:30 • petaluma vale with valerie thompson (voice, harp, cello)
9:30 • goli (voice, cello, marimba, melodica, clarinet)
no cover/pass the hat • all ages
dinner, dessert, drinks, and coffee available


plus, an upcoming appearance with Jaggery!
ORG: Prom

friday, june 14th, 2013, 8pm

oberon • 2 arrow street • harvard square • 02138
cambridge, ma
performers include Jaggery, Johnny Blazes & the Pretty Boys, Nuda Veritas, Sara June, Katie Liesener, Ben Cunningham, Kristilyn Stevenson
go solo or bring a date; wear your prom finest and maybe even a corsage!